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Jerome; boss

Jerome has been turf farming for 28 years, firstly with his parents and now as owner and operator with his wife Linley. He knows everything there is to know about lawn and is a jack of all trades. He loves being in the great outdoors, with fishing and surfing being his favourite hobbies.

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cindy; office manager

Cindy started working at Superior Lawns in October 2010. Since then, Cindy has become the go to lawn guru in the office. She has a fantastic relationship with all our regular landscapers and knows her stuff when it comes to helping homeowners to select the perfect lawn to complete their home. Cindy said she really enjoys working with people and doesn’t mind a good chat on the phone!

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Kelly; marketing manager

Kelly started working at Superior Lawns in March of 2017. She is responsible for all aspects of marketing within the business including updating the website, Facebook and Instagram. Kelly said she especially loves posting before and after photos from all our customers. She says she loves spending time with her two kids going on 'adventures'.  


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candace; metro delivery driver

Candace started working at Superior Lawns as a temporary truck driver in October 2017, but loved the job so much she came on board as a permanent team member in January 2018. Candace is responsible for the safe delivery of all our turf and prides herself in ensuring her deliveries are on time every time.  She barracks for the Eagles and loves travelling. 

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cameron; road train driver

Cameron started at Superior Lawns in September 2015 as a casual helping out when required, we were so impressed with his hard working nature he came on board as a permanent member of the team assisting on the farm and driving our road train from the farm to our depot and assisting with deliveries for our larger commercial jobs. Cameron says he loves driving trucks and barracks for Carlton.

Ben Superior Lawns

ben; farm supervisor

Ben has been a part of Superior Lawns for over a decade starting at the young age of 14 where he helped out on the weekends. In December of 2007 he decided to make turf growing his full time career and is now responsible for the day to day running of the farm, harvesting and ensuring all turf is cut at the highest of standards ready for install. He says he really does love mowing lawn (and beer) as well as spending time with his kids. 

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Grant; Farm and Vehicle Maintenance Manager

Grant has been with Superior Lawns since September 2015. Aside from providing us with maintenance of all our farm and harvesting equipment he has become ‘Mr Fix It’ for everything else. If in doubt, Grant will have the answer. Grant says he loves fishing, outback travel and fixing and building 'stuff'.