Should I consider Nullarbor Couch (Wintergreen) for my lawn?

Nullarbor Couch also know as Wintergreen is a mid emerald green couch particularly drought tolerant variety of lawn with a soft, fine, but tough, dense sward supported by a deep root system. 

Nullarbor Couch is a proven and popular couch grass in Perth and WA with extensive use in home gardens, on golf courses, sporting fields and community parks.

  • Couch thrives in full sun areas
  • Very strong horizontal growth
  • Low mowing heights
  • Can handle high amounts of traffic, whilst enabling it to recover quicker if affected by wear and stress
  • Suitable for large areas such as sports fields, golf courses and parks or recreational areas
  • Backed by a 10 Year Lawn Solutions Australia Product Warranty

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Velvetene Lawn is Perfect for Perth's Sandy Soils and Salty Coastline.

Velvetene lawn on display

Velvetene lawn on display

Velvetene in Perth?

Velvetene is a luxuriously textured soft, dense leaf lawn, a stunning bright pea green colour, with an attractive shiny leaf to give that 'wow' factor. Developed as a superior soft leaf lawn for Perth's harsh climate and varied soil conditions. An environmentally friendly grass that can be watered with poor, low quality or recycled water. A highly salt tolerant halophyte turf grass.

Superior Lawns is proud to be the only producer of Velvetene in Western Australia. 

  • A keen gardeners delight with low invasiveness into surrounding gardens
  • Low maintenance luxurious lawn surface that is drought hardy 
  • Likes a sunny position (minimum 4 hours) and will also grow under dappled shade.
  • Good resistance to wear and tear
  • Responds well to fertilizerer but has lower fertilizer requirements 
  • A unique benefit is to control weed infestations with a strong salty solution spray (1kg pool salt in 5 litres of water) rather than using herbicides.

Velvetene makes an ideal family play area in the home garden and is used on golf courses from tee to green, tennis courts, bowling greens and parks throughout Australia. 

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