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Purchase your lawn from us and receive a 10 year product warranty

Superior Lawns is proud to be part of the Lawn Solutions Australia team. What does this mean for you? It means we provide you with a unique 10 year Lawn Warranty on our Sir Walter Buffalo (DNA certified) and Nullarbor Couch (Wintergreen) grasses. 

The unique 10 year Lawn Warranty certifies that turf supplied by us has been grown and harvested to stringent standards. That it has been inspected upon harvesting (according to the Lawn Solutions Australia policy and guidelines) to be free of weeds and disease before delivering, is freshly cut and, for a period of 10 years from installment, will perform to its maximum potential in its new environment (subject to conditions). No other turf supplier in Australia can offer this same guarantee of quality. 

So purchasing your lawn from Superior Lawns provides you with the understanding that you are recieving a truely superior product first time, everytime. Call us today on 9303 2627 or email to order your lawn today. For more information visit 

How do I stop my lawn growing into my garden beds?

Keeping lawn out of the garden beds doesn't need to be back breaking job. We have a few pointers to help you out. 

Creating physical borders to keep grass out of your garden beds is one of the best and easiest options, keeping in mind your lawn type and incorporating some barriers in your garden and lawn design. Regular maintenance is another way; little often to keep the grass at bay. 

Depending on your lawn type or invasive garden bed species; this can be a simple or rather complex task. Couch grasses tend to be more invasive so bear in mind when selecting your lawn, but the good news is totally eradicating grass from your garden beds and then keeping it out can be done.

There are herbicides that only kill grasses, without harming other plants. But, be careful when using sprays when it comes to lawns, as most are warm-season turf grasses which are susceptible to non-selective herbicides such as glyphosate/roundup.

Try and remove as much vegetation as possible by hand, by using a garden knife or hand- scythe to cut the grass low to the ground height.  Warm Season grasses Nullarbor Couch, Eureka Kikuyu, Sir Walter Buffalo and Velvetene have a runner system and that's why they tend to invade the garden in the first place.  With Couch and Kikuyu they also have a rhizome system that grows underground and can tunnel under edging and pop up and establish in neighbouring beds. 

Once you've removed most of the plant its time to address the underground part of the grass and there's a couple of ways to go about it;

  • Cutting off the light with a covering - mulch, cardboard or newspaper is one way and can smother the grass and then make sure you spray any new shoots that appear.
  • Use a non- selective herbicide like round up/ glyphosate being careful not to spray any garden plants you want to keep. (Depending on the grass type and the amount, you may need several spray applications - and trimming back in between before you can see the end of the weed. Once under control it's a matter of being vigilant with a spray bottle handy to quickly knock over any new invasion as they appear. 

Now keeping it from re-entering from your lawn is a different matter and that's where you will need to decide on your approach.

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