Simple steps to ensure your new lawn thrives


Just bought and laid your new 'superior lawn'? Want to make sure it establishes well and thrives? Here are a few simple steps to making sure you have the best lawn on the street. 

1. Follow the watering guide for new lawns.

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The most crucial aspect in the first month or so of your new lawn is to ensure you are watering your lawn correctly to ensure it establishes well and remains healthy. The Water Corporation have provided exemptions for new lawns. Visit their website to apply for your watering exemption and follow their guidelines to watering days and times. 

2. Reduce foot traffic on your new lawn.

Try to keep traffic off your new lawn as much as possible until it has rooted in. After about 4 weeks (this may vary depending on the time of year) your lawn will be ready for its first mow. Before you do this, ensure you can not lift any of the slab up to be certain they have rooted into the soil. 

3. The first mow.

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When you are mowing for the first time, mow on a slightly higher setting then normal then slowly bring it down to your preferred height over the next 2 to 3 mows. Continue to follow the watering guide to ensure the lawn does not dry out during this time. 

4. Fertilising

After about 6 weeks your lawn will be due for a fertilise to finish off the establishment period. Ensure you are using an NPK fertiliser and ensure you have watered the fertiliser in properly.

5. Get out there and enjoy your new Superior Lawn

Once the lawn has established well it is time to reap the rewards of your hard work and patience.  There are so many health benefits to lawn and it looks and feels great. 

For more information on how to maintain your new lawn check out our previous blog posts or give us a call.