Why growing grass from seed is a bad idea

turf farm

Why should you buy turf instead of growing a lawn from seed? A good question and with the help from the team at Lawn Solutions Australia let us tell you why. 

If you have a look at the gardens in your street, you will find that 99% of the good ones are turfed, and not grown from seed, and there's a very good reason for this.

A great lawn requires great skill

All great Aussie lawns like our DNA certified Sir Walter Buffalo, Eureka Kikuyu and Nullarbor Couch are what we call male sterile and cannot not be grown from seed, not even on the turf farm can they be grown from seed, they have to be grown from live vegetative material that takes a lot of skill from us at Superior Lawns as well as every other Australian turf grower to turn it into lawn turf. If an experience turf producer cant grow it from seed - what chance does the average Joe have?

Grass grown from seed struggles in hot weather

It is true that seed will grow into some sort of ground cover in the colder wetter climates of Australia, however it will not be a drought tolerant lawn as usually it will be a cool season variety such as a seeded rye or fescue that may give a quick flush of green in a colder climate but once the hot weather comes along it can be gone forever. 

See the difference for yourself

A good test if you're still not convinced is to ask your seed supplier to show you a couple of front lawns they have supplied in your local area that are 5 years or older. You will be amazed at how few are grown from seed.

Want a lawn for life? 

So if you want a great long lasting Aussie lawn give us a call and get a great lawn for life. Remember only turf purchased through us comes with our 10 year warranty.