With spring on the way here are a few lawn tips to get your lawn looking it's best


Hard to believe that winter is almost over here in Perth but the team at Superior Lawns in Perth have an extra pep in our step as we know this is the time that our lawns really shine! If you are looking at ways to get your lawn looking it’s best here are a few steps for Spring lawn care.

Tune up that Lawn Mower

Winter is a great time to sit back and enjoy the fruits of your labour but we do need to give our lawn mowers some TLC before the peak growing season. A bit of maintenance on your mower including things like changing fuel, oil and spark plugs will get you in good stead for spring. Sharp blades are always a must when you get back into your mowing schedule. do it yourself or get your local mower shop to give your mower the once over; your lawn will love you for it!

Time to get serious about weeds!

Winter time always brings the dreaded weeds too. Most single weed types can be easily pulled out by hand (the best time to do this is before they seed), but if you have more weeds than you have time to pull each one out by hand there are herbicides which you can use to help eradicate the weeds. Be sure to read the packaging as we would hate for you to use the wrong product and kill your lawn at the same time!

Aerating your lawn

One of the best things you can do for your lawn this spring is aerate your lawn. What does aeration do exactly? It is recommended to aerate your lawn as it decreases thatching as well as compaction. Once the lawn has been aerated it helps increase the amount of air, water and nutrients which go straight to the roots, strengthening them and helping to create a healthier lawn. We recommend aerating your lawn at least annually especially in high traffic areas as this will stop your soil from becoming hydrophobic. You can aerate by simply using a garden fork or if your area is too large or you want to give it the best aeration possible you can always employ a lawn contractor who can use the big guns to complete the job.

Fertilise (only lightly)

The start of spring is the perfect time to apply a light fertiliser to your lawn to give it a kick start into summer. It is important though to ensure that all the weeds have been removed otherwise you end up feeding the pesky weeds too! Not to mention, overfeeding your lawn at this time of year may not help with the overall result you are after as the weather is not warm enough for your lawn to perform at its best. Once you have completed a light fertilise we sit back and wait for the warmer days and nights to work their magic and get that lawn growing. Once this takes place you can get a few mows in and assess where your lawn is in terms of weeds and growth and apply fertiliser accordingly. Less is more at this time of year.


As spring approaches the Winter sprinkler ban is removed but this doesn’t mean your lawn instantly needs to return to its twice a week watering schedule. It simply means if your lawn needs it you can start to water. This time of hear is great to train your lawn in being less dependent on being watered so often ultimately making it become a more drought tolerant lawn. So water when you need to, if its looking dry apply the water it needs remember a minimalist approach to watering will lead to healthier lawn, with stronger and more importantly deeper roots able to withstand the heat of Perth summers.

So there you have it, five simple steps to preparing your Perth lawn for spring and summer. Now to bring on the warm weather, later sunsets and that feeling in the air that good times are a coming.