How to keep your Perth lawn looking good this winter

Perth Roll on lawn

It’s sad to see the sunny days behind us but we are pretty spoilt with winters in Perth. Let’s talk about lawn care in Perth and the best ways to prepare your lawn for the onslaught of our winter (albeit mild). Remeber to keep in mind - a summer body is made in winter, this is much like lawn care too.

As you have probably already noticed, your lawn hasn’t been growing as quickly as it may have been a few months ago but it still does need some TLC in order for it to be able to keep the winter weeds at bay and thrive come spring time.

Step One - Limit water

Being in Perth, we currently have a winter switch off for all sprinklers (bore’s are exempt) so make sure you have turned your retic off to avoid any fines from the Water Corp. You can still hand water when your lawn really needs a drink… a tell tale sign is when the leaves curl up. Also for any new lawn installations it is important that you apply for a water exemption (in both summer and winter). This can be done online on the Water Corporation website.

Step Two - Service Your Lawn Mower

Winter is a great time to get things serviced as your lawn mower will be getting a bit of break as most lawn varieties go into winter dormancy. Leaving your lawn to grow that bit longer in winter will encourage the process of photosynthesis which keeps your lawn looking healthy enough to squeeze out any winter weeds which seem to pop up over night!

Step 3 - Avoid Compaction

Soil compaction can over over winter especially in high traffic areas. The best thing to do is try and aerate the high traffic areas, especially after heavy rain which we have had in Perth over the last few weeks. Especially in the areas where water is pooling or getting water logged. Aerating helps air to the root zone giving your lawn the ability to breath and not be suffocated by heavy compacted soil.

Step 4 - Weed Control

Weeds; every lawn lovers pet hate! Make sure you spray or hand remove the weeds during winter especially Bindii as if it seeds it will return again next year and be an even bigger problem! Broadleaf weeds, Bindii and clover can be controlled using Bin-die Selective Weeder or Lawn Solutions Australia All Purpose Weed Control. Weeds such as Winter Grass will need to have a specialised product such as Winter Grass Killer. It is important to check any type of weed killers are compatible with your lawn type.

Fingers crossed this winter is a short one in Perth; bring on Spring, the warm weather and perfect turf growing conditions.