It's true, TifTuf stays green all year round!

TifTuf Winter colour.jpg

Want lawn that stays green all year round and doesn’t yellow off in winter? Look no further than TifTuf. Yes, TifTuf is a couch… but it is like no other couch variety Australia has seen before.

TifTuf is a warm season lawn variety, however unlike other warm season lawn varieties it continues to be active throughout winter which means it holds its colour for much longer than other varieties and has fantastic spring green up qualities. This combined with its water wise drought tolerant nature and durability it makes it the perfect lawn for Perth.

So how does TifTuf stay green for longer? TifTuf produces greater amounts of gibberellic acid. What’s that? Gibberellic acid assists in the stimulation of photosynthesis. This is what helps with winter colour retention giving the lawn a greater ability to absorb sunlight (the process of photosynthesis). Fun fact; TifTuf needs 50% less sunlight than other Bermuda varieties!

So with 20+ years of research and development TifTuf has proven to be the perfect lawn variety for Perth’s conditions in particular through summer with its reduced watering needs but also in winter too. Trials in America over 2013/14 recorded that over 90% of the TifTuf tested survived temperatures of minus twenty one degrees Celsius far outperforming that of other varieties such as TifWay and Celebration.

TifTuf is an all rounder and exactly what Perth needs with water restrictions, but it has also proven itself as a standout in Winter too. Give the office a call today to find out more.