Thinking about landscaping? Add Lawn to your list and here's why.

So straight off the bat; yes the team here at Superior Lawns are pro the real stuff but once you read about all the benefits of real lawn we hope that we might have been able to get you to jump on the bandwagon too.


Yes, you need to water it and yes you will need to mow your lawn and every now and then fertilise and apply a soil wetter but it’s not really that much of a chore… just think when you were younger maybe brushing your teeth seemed like the world’s most annoying task but as you grow up it just becomes something you do without thinking twice and that’s where we need your head to go with real grass. It’s not a hard task once you get into a routine you may even start to love it!

So lawn, yep the soft, cool stuff we walk on probably everyday and don’t even notice it, (but it’s definitely there) is providing us with so much. Here’s ten reasons why we think you should choose real lawn…

  1. Real lawn helps to maintain a balanced ecosystem so check… environmental benefits.

  2. Lawn absorbs heat and breaks up radiant energy, reducing glare and have a cooling effect (perfect in Perth’s summers when the last thing you want is additional heat!)

  3. Lawn actually acts as a natural fire break as it reduces the risk of fires spreading. (We don’t need to say more about this one except… make sure your lawn is neat and tidy natural fire break sorted!)

  4. Here’s a good one (triple threat) lawn reduces carbon dioxide emissions, generates oxygen and absorbs noise. check. check. check.

  5. Research has proven that green space (and we mean the real living green space) offers significant and sustained improvements in mental health.

  6. Lawn actually traps dust particles between its leaves which is then washed into the soil.

  7. Heard of soil erosion? Well lawn is an effective, cheap and durable form of soil erosion control!

  8. Through lawns natural cushioning effect lawn actually reduces the incidents of injury. (natural soft fall for your kids!)

  9. Did you know that rain water filtered by lawn is 10 times less acidic than run off hard surfaces? Lawn actually helps improve water quality!

  10. If your thinking about selling, consider real lawn. Did you know that lawn can increase the value of your property by up to $75,000!!

So with so many added benefits to lawn, the time and effort required to mow, water and apply fertiliser and soil wetter isn’t all that much. We didn’t even mention the fact that a lush green lawn just looks the bee’s knees! Give the office a call today to find out what lawn varieties we have, we have options to suit all your needs and guess what… you wan’t break an arm or a leg buying it.