TifTuf in Perth? Yep, it's perfect for Perth and here's why.

TifTuf being harvested, Superior Lawns Perth, WA

TifTuf being harvested, Superior Lawns Perth, WA

Haven’t heard of TifTuf before? Or you have but don’t know too much about it? TifTuf is the newest lawn variety to enter the Western Australian turf market and it is amazing. Yes, we may be a little bit biased but once you hear all about the benefits of TifTuf you too will be converted.

Let’s start back at the beginning; TifTuf was hand selected from over 30,000 hybrid couch varieties. It has undergone over 25 years of research and development and as part of the larger Lawn Solutions Australia group Superior Lawns in Perth is pleased to exclusively sell TifTuf Bermuda to Perth and Western Australia.

During the years of research and development it was proven that TifTuf uses approximately 38% less water than other turf varieties which makes it extremely waterwise. We know what you are thinking…. less water it won’t stay green. That’s where TifTuf is truly the lawn of the future. TifTuf stays green all year round and even the reduced watering will keep it green - if you water too much it could be detrimental to the look and feel of your lawn so if you haven’t got the greenest thumb, don’t worry… TifTuf is tough! Not only does TifTuf use less water it also requires less fertiliser too. Perfect! We are all so busy already TifTuf doesn’t add to your load.

TifTuf is winter active which means it will stay green all year round, some other lawns tend to yellow off a bit during winter but not our TifTuf, have the lawn that is the envy of the street all year round not just in Summer. TifTuf can also handle shadey areas, research is still being conducted but in America (the University of Georgia to be exact) studies have come back saying TifTuf can still maintain it’s colour and thickness in 70% shade.

What’s not to love about TifTuf? It is heat and drought tolerant but can also grow in colder temperatures too. Grows well in full sun or part shade, doesn’t need too much water or fertiliser. Just mow it and go! So if your in two minds about what lawn variety to choose add TifTuf to the mix, it’s perfect for our Perth climate, will save you money in the long run with the reduced watering and fertilising and best of all you still get all the added benefits that a regular lawn provides just a bit ‘tuf’er’.

Give the office a call today to find out more, you won’t be disappointed.

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