Best Practice for Autumn Lawn Care in Perth

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Hard to believe it’s Autumn already… and in Perth Autumn doesn’t really start to kick in until April or even May, but it’s never too early to start the Autumn lawn prep. Have you heard of the 6 ‘p’s’ before? Perfect Preparation Prevents Piss Poor Performance? Well think of Autumn like this and you will have no problems with your lawn in Winter. Give your lawn some love, help it recover from the wear and tear of summer and prepare it for the colder winter months.

Time to Fertilise

Fertilising in March or April will help to encourage strong root development not to mention assist in winter colour and the overall health of your lawn. The best fertiliser to use is a good slow-release NPK fertiliser you can buy from places like Bunnings or garden care centres. These NPK fertilisers contains optimum levels of Nitrogen (N), Phosphorus (P), and Potassium (K) plus essential minerals and trace elements, to provide nutrients to maintain a healthy lawn.

Apply a Pre-Emergent

What is a pre-emergent I hear you ask? Well a pre-emergent has a herbicide component which will kill any annual weeds (wait for it) before they appear! It is important to note that if the weeds have already started to germinate then it won’t kill the ones already up but it will stop any more from germinating. So get onto it now before those annual annual weeds like winter grass start to pop up! If you need a bit more information on pre-emergents the team at Lawn Solutions have a great article worth the read.

Check for Lawn Grubs or Beetles

Check for lawn grubs that are active late in Summer into Autumn. These can cause a lot of damage. Treat them immediately to minimise damage. If necessary, fertilise afterward to help the lawn repair itself before winter. It is important to check for lawn grubs, but don’t be too quick to treat your lawn if you only have a handful of bugs sometimes applying chemicals to your lawn can cause more damage than a handful of beetles which might actually be helping your lawn through their natural aeration.

Is Your Soil Compacted?

Soil compaction and hydrophobic soil can occur quite commonly and is a major cause of dry patches or dead areas of lawn. When the soil becomes compacted, the roots aren’t able to breathe, and the lawn will thin out and eventually die. Use a pitch fork or strap-on aerator sandals to aerate the soil. For clay soils, apply some lime and gypsum as well. It’s also a good idea to add a soil wetter to your lawn. (Soil wetter especially in Western Australia helps retain the water in your soil - your lawn will love you for it and in return you will have lush green lawn which is the envy of the neighbours!)

So there you have it, Autumn lawn care in a nutshell. You won’t need to mow your lawn as much (which for some is a plus) as the lawn won’t be growing as rapidly as it may have in summer, but its always important not to let your grass grow too long as its really only a good idea to take off 1/3 of the leaf each mow as scalping your lawn in Autumn, especially late Autumn will mean your lawn won’t be able to recover over Winter leaving you with a lawn which isn’t looking too good.

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