How to Keep Your Lawn Looking Good in the Peak of Perth's Summer

Perth Roll on Lawn Supplier - tips for Summer

So far, Perth’s summer has been pretty mild but we all know what that means - late January and February are set to be scorchers. The team at Superior Lawns in Perth have a few tips and tricks to keeping your lawn looking lush in the heat of summer.

When to water your lawn in Perth?

It is best to water your lawn in the mornings (at the crack of down some people might say) It is important that its not too late in the morning as your lawn won’t get the most out of its water. Ensure that your reticulation is working correctly and that your water coverage is even (We have catch cups available at our office on Gnangara Rd). Times will vary between sprinkler types and water pressure so don’t be scared to run your sprinklers for 30 minutes as the total output may still only be 10mL which is what the Water Corp recommend. Watering for longer but less frequently will encourage the roots to go deeper and create more of a drought tolerant lawn; helping save our precious water and giving your lawn the best chance to stay green throughout Summer.

Does Aerating My Lawn Help in Perth’s Summer?

It most definitely does. The baking hot sun will cause the soil to compact and in some cases it may also cause the soil to become hydrophobic which means your lawns roots won’t be getting the water it needs to thrive in summer. If your soil is compacted it would be recommended to aerate your lawn. This can be done by simply using a pitch fork or for larger lawns you can hire aerators/corers.

When should I mow my lawn?

It is best to mow your lawn earlier in the day when the temperature is not at its peak or in the late afternoon. This will help to avoid leaf stress on your lawn from the sun. Not that dew is an issue in Summer but it best to mow when there is no dew. Dew can cause your mower to rip or tear the grass which can lead to possible disease and or fungal issues.

If you can, mow your lawn on a higher setting to help keep the moisture in. The longer leaf will help shade the soil assisting in minimal evaporating and compacting the soil. If you cut your lawn too short in summer it can stop your lawn from having health root and leaf growth as it is not producing enough energy.

Can I do repair work on my lawn in Summer?

It is not recommended to undertake any major lawn care maintenance in the peak of summer. It can cause stress on the lawn meaning it won’t recover.

What lawn types are best suited to Perth’s harsh summers?

Lucky for you, the team at Superior LAwns in perth have done all the hard work for you. TifTuf, Sir Walter and Velvetene are three perfect lawn varieties for Perth’s hot summers. All unique in their own right, Superior lawns have a lawn that will suit every budget and need. Selecting a drought tolerant lawn will be half the battle and will let you enjoy your lush green lawn all year round.

So where to now? Feel free to give the Perth team a call on 9303 2627. We are always ready to take your call and discuss your options. We only need two day’s notice for all orders and can have your lawn delivered to your doorstep Tuesday to Saturday. Let us supply you with the best roll on lawn available in Perth.