Weed and Feed... does it do the job?

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What is Weed and Feed?

Generally speaking, a weed and feed contains a broad leaf herbicide and a fertiliser of some sort. These types of products usually come in a bottle which attaches to the hose and you spray it onto the lawn. Ultimately the goal is to kill the weeds whilst boosting your lawn simultaneously. Sadly, the outcome is rarely what you are hoping for. 

Herbicide component

The active ingredient in standard weed and feeds is Dicamba. The concentration of each bottle is very low which means it isn't very effective on most broad leaf weeds and will generally take you 2 to 3 applications to see any kind of result. 

**It is important to note that Dicamba is not suitable to use on soft leaf buffalo such as our Sir Walter as it will cause the lawn to turn yellow and die back.  

Fertiliser Component 

Most feed and feeds on the market contain very little nutrients for your grass. There is usually a component of Nitrogen and Iron which will give your lawn a very short boost of green. However, as it contains no Phosphorus or Potassium which means the fertiliser wont assist in root strength or development of the plant overall. 

Overall thoughts on Weed and Feeds?

Although they may assist in the short term, in general they are not the best option when you are wanting to fertilise or weed your lawn. The team at Lawn Solutions Australia (Superior Lawns is proud to be a member of the LSA group) recommend using a broadleaf herbicide and a lawn fertiliser separately to get the best results. Be sure to double check that the herbicide is suitable for your lawn variety before use. Follow this up with a slow release granular fertiliser which will improve the overall health of your lawn and last for longer. 

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