Winter Lawn Care

Perth winter lawn

So really, Winter isn't the busiest time of year for lawn care in Perth or most of Australia as the cooler weather means the grass isn't growing as rapidly. There are however 4 main things to check off your list to ensure that your lawn bounces back once the warmer spring weather hits. 

1. Turn off your sprinklers 

To ensure that you are following the Water Corporation 'Winter Turn off' be sure to turn off your timers and sprinklers. The wet weather and cooler nights provide enough moisture for your soil to keep your grass alive. Over watering can affect your lawn too so its best to let nature take its course and do the hard work for you over winter. 

2. Service your Lawn Mower 

If you found it hard to service your mower in the summer months, winter is the perfect time to do all those jobs as you won't need to mow your lawn very often over the next few months. In fact, in winter it is best to leave your lawn that big longer to allow for photosynthesis to occur. This will help keep your lawn healthier and hopefully reduce the amount of weeds which pop up in the cooler months. 

3. Avoid Compaction 

Winter can take its tole on your lawn, especially in high traffic areas, if there are heavy rains especially if your lawn/soil is susceptible to pooling. Aerating your lawn will help loosen the soil and avoid the soil becoming compacted causing hydrophobic areas within your lawn. 

4. Weeding 

As the weather cools the appearance of weeds is almost inevitable; but don't despair if you have put the hard yards in over the warmer months your lawn should be healthy enough to fight off most weeds. If they do appear it is important to remove them (either by hand or using a weed killer specific to your lawn type and weed type) before they seed/flower as many weeds such as wintergrass can come back with a vengeance the following year. 

Winter lawn care doesn't take too much time, ensuring that you follow the tips above you shouldn't have too much work on your hands. For more seasonal lawn care tips and other information for your new or established lawn be sure to read our other blog posts. 

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