Winter Lawn Care Tips

 Winter lawn care; Superior Lawns Australia

Hard to believe Winter is just around the corner especially because we have been gifted with such a warm Autumn... but nonetheless it is important to put into place some simple Winter lawn care tips. All of our lawn varieties at Superior Lawns Australia are what's known as 'warm season' grasses; this includes our Sir Walter DNA Certified Buffalo, Nullarbor Couch, Velvetene and our Eureka Kikuyu. This means in Winter the lawns tend to become dormant as their peak growing period occurs during the warmer months.

Step 1: Increase your mower height

As the days get shorter, so too does the opportunity for photosynthesis to occur. This means reducing your mower height leaving more leaf will allow your grass to have a greater food supply. You can continue to reduce your mower height throughout winter as to 'tidy up' the lawn rather then mow or more importantly not scalp the lawn as the cooler weather, limited strong sunlight will mean your lawn will take longer to repair. 

Step 2: Fertilise

Using a pre-winter fertiliser or fertiliser which is high in iron will give your lawn the nutrients it needs to maintain its health over the winter months. It will also green up your lawn before it goes into full winter dormancy. 

Step 3: Weeds/weeding

Using a pre-emergent before Winter sets in is a good option. Tackling the weeds before the cooler months will give your lawn the best start it needs to look its best over the cooler months when it is not vigorously growing. 

Step 4: Replace any dead/dry patches

If you have dead patches or areas of lawn which haven't grown too well over the summer months, you can simply and easily replace these areas before winter sets in. At Superior Lawns Australia we sell our turf per square and there are no minimums so if it's just 1 square metre your after we can help you out!

Step 5: Aeration

Over watering or hard soil causing pools of water can become an issue when the weather cools down. This can cause lawn disease or rotting within the layer of thatch. You can use a garden fork for smaller areas or hire an aerator if your area is larger to get the job done quicker. 

By following these simple steps, your lawn can continue to look good over the winter months. Don't worry if your lawn yellows off during winter; this is normal for our 'warm season' grasses. Stay tuned for our Spring lawn tips to prepare your lawn for its peak growing period. 

If you have any questions about your lawn, give our office a call 9303 2627.