Did you know money grows in lawn?

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Did you know you can save money and increase the value of your home at the same time? 

It may be surprising to realise that laying grass is far more cost effective than once thought. Whilst alternatives such as artificial turf, pavers and sandstone do offer their own benefits, the initial cost outlay is significantly higher per square metre... and when you have a large area to coever, the benefits of turf are that grass is defintely more affordable option, regardless of the variety you choose to best suit your needs. 

The cost of turf per square metre

The median cost of turf per square metre including costs for site and surface preparation, underlay and supply and installation is $28,48*, which is approximately a quarter of the cost of the next cheapest alternative; concrete. The table below shows the median costs per square metre of various ground covers, such as turf, concrete, pavers and planting, which makes it very clear that turf is a great value option. The fact that a newly turfed lawn invariably increases your property's visual appeal and value makes it an obvious choice for landscapers and homeowners alike. 

Surface                         Median cost (m2)

  • Natural Turf                                 $28.48
  • Synthetic Grass                           $168.00
  • Pavers                                         $180.00
  • Sandstone                                   $218.50
  • Concrete                                      $115.50
  • Mass Garden Planting                 $139.90

These figures are based on data from the Landscape Association of NSW and include costs for site and surface preparation, underlay, supply and installation.

"Not only will laying turf save you money, it adds to the value of a home. A recent survey revealed homebuyers pay up to 19 per cent more for a house with lawn. Now that’s a significant benefit." Lawn Solutions Australia