Need Help with Dog Urine Burns?


We often get people calling up about dead patches in their grass usually as a result of pets urine. Thanks to the team at Lawn Solutions Australia; they have come up with 5 possible solutions which you might like to try. 

What causes the urine to burn my turf?

Dogs are carnivores and have a high amount of protein in their diets. This protein is excreted as nitrogen when the dog urinates. Nitrogen is great for your lawn when in the right quantities, but an excessive amount will cause the grass to burn. What you need to do is reduce the amount of Nitrogen in your dog’s urine.

5 Methods of Prevention

Successfully putting a stop to urine burn often requires a few different approaches.

1. Watering an area straight after urination will dilute the urine and prevent it from burning. This obviously can be quite difficult to follow up all of the time, but if you do see your dog urinate then straight away is the time to take action.

2. Feed your dog a well-balanced dog food that has the protein level your dog requires. This will ensure you are not creating more nitrogenous waste than necessary and most importantly will be good for your dog’s health.

3. Encouraging your dog to drink more water will also help. Make sure their water bowl is always full and clean. Having more than one water bowl might also provide additional encouragement.

4. f possible, train your dog to urinate in the same area. This will help restrict damage to one area instead of the entire lawn and you can then target that area for additional watering and lawn care.

5. Another popular option is to try dog rocks. Dog Rocks®filter out impurities from water such as Tin, ammonia and nitrates. Putting Dog Rocks® into your dog’s water bowl may help reduce the impurities your dog consumes and be the answer for preventing any more urine burns from affecting your lawn.

By utilising a combination of these tips, you should achieve some positive results.

** We have also heard that giving your dog a spoonful of baked beans can assist in reducing the burn. Give it a go and let us know if it worked! 

For more tips like this visit the Lawn Solutions Australia website.