Tips to Make Your Perth Lawn Pet Friendly

pets on lawn.jpg

Our pets appreciate a good back hard as much or possibly more then we do... for different reasons of course. 

Natural turf grass and lawn is one of the best surfaces for pets because of its hardy nature. Backyard lawns provide a place for pets to play, eat, and... do their business. A well kept lawn is usually a safe place for both pets and children alike. It will self repair from any damage or tracking and with a bit of care (aeration and some added nutrients) your lawn should serve you and your pets for life. 

As far as choosing your type of lawn, here at Superior Lawns in Perth we can provide you with a variety of appropriate lawn varieties which will suit our climatic conditions and your individual requirements. These include our Sir Walter DNA Certified Buffalo, Nullarbor Couch as well as Eureka Kikuyu and our luxurious Velvetene and the latest turf variety available in Perth; TifTuf. 

Once you have made your decision following these simple tips can help keep your grass and pets in top condition.

  • A healthy lawn should equal healthy pets, but be mindful of potentially harmful chemicals in lawn fertisliers and treatments. 
  • Avoid synthetic grass, your pets will appreciated natural grass much more! Especially in the warmer months when fake grass can get really hot for both us and our pets. 
  • A little lawn care often will help keep your lawn in good condition. Pets and kids tend to track in places on your lawn and can compact the soil in some areas. Aerate every now and then with a commercial aerator or even a pitch fork and lightly top dress in spring for best results. 

For more information on the right variety for you contact us today at or call 9303 2627. 

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