Order Your Lawn in Time for Christmas

6 weeks to Christmas.jpg

If you’re planning for a new or replacement lawn in time for Christmas – now is the time to place your order!

New lawns require at least 4-5 weeks to properly establish in to the ground. During this time, it’s important to restrict access to the area and reduce foot traffic as much as possible, for the following reasons:

  1. You don’t want to disturb the slabs or rolls from rooting to your soil

  2. You don’t want to create uneven levels across your lawn as the earth settles

This will allow the roots to develop and establish quickly and successfully and prevent foot traffic from undoing the hard work you put into preparing the soil for installation.

Giving your new lawn a few weeks to mature ahead of Christmas also means it will be better prepared for the scorching Perth heat of the summer months. Of course, it’s critical to maintain a regular watering schedule to help establish and maintain the health of your new lawn and throughout Summer – but a properly and well established lawn will be able to withstand the heat from our hot Perth summers.

To place your order today simply call 9303 2627 or email sales@superiorlawns.com.au for more information.