Lawn Prep is the key

We have so many customers call and ask us if installing their roll on lawn is hard. The simple answer; no. As long as you have completed all the preparation work, laying the lawn doesn't have to be a painful task. 


Here are a few tips to ensure that your area is ready to have its new roll on lawn installed. 

1. Complete the rest of your garden fist.

If you are doing a complete garden transformation be sure to have completed all the other elements of the garden before tackling the lawn. These include retaining walls, garden beds and paths. This will ensure that you are off the grass and will give your new roll on lawn plenty of time to establish and thrive.

2. Clear the ground and check your soil type.

Ensure that the area you are wanting to install roll on lawn is free of any vegetation or debris. If you have used a product such as Round Up, make sure you wait at least two weeks before installing your lawn to ensure that no residue is on or in the soil. Check your soil type and and be sure to add the necessary soil improvers to give your turf the best start. For clay soils add gypsum, sandy soils add organic material, acid soils add lime and alkaline soils add sulpher.

3. Spread a quality turf underlay.   

Turf underlay is a a blend of topsoil and organic material. It is blended to give your new lawn the optimum balance of nutrients and minerals it needs for the roots to establish well. We recommend the 'new lawn' soil mix from Soils Aint Soils, but any blend of topsoil and organic material will be suitable. Spread the underlay evenly to a depth of approximately 100 - 150mm 

4. Check the Site levels and Drainage

Check if the site needs excavating or filling and also look out for drainage issues and install ‘ag pipe’ (agricultural drainage pipe) if necessary. If you find that you do need to excavate and imported soil is required, allow 100-150mm for soil.

Once you have completed the steps above you are ready to install your new Superior Lawns turf. Below is a video which recaps the above information. For more tips for your lawn check out our latest blog posts or visit the Lawn Solutions Australia website.