Why do we cut our Sir Walter in a 'slab' and not a roll?

Superior Lawns is one of Western Australia's largest growers of DNA Certified Sir Walter buffalo and are the only grower to cut our Sir Walter in a 'slab' format. There are many reasons why we do this style of harvest. 

Brighton Reticulation laying Sir Walter Slabs.

When Sir Walter lawn is cut in slabs the whole root profile is attached. With more roots the lawn establishes quicker with less risk of drying out. Rolls have to be cut with less roots to enable the leading edge to be rolled over. 

Cutting Sir Walter in slabs enables the consistency of each slab to be maintained providing each slab with a strong base meaning the slab won't fall apart when handled and the edges wont frey. Slabs are shorter and wider then rolls allowing straight lines to be maintained during installation giving a better finish to your job; creating a more established look instantly.  

If you would like more information on how to lay Sir Walter slabs or are interested in purchasing our slabs please call 9303 2627 or email sales@superiorlawns.com.au