What are Catch Cups?

catch up.jpg

Catch Cups are vital to being able to measure the water output from your reticulation.  Catch cups (graduated measuring containers) allow you to test how efficiently an irrigation system is operating and the sprinkler application rates. 

To test, you should:

  • spread catch cups or indeed any sized containers randomly around the watering zone
  • make sure they are at least 1 metre from the closest sprinkler 
  • time how long it takes the sprinklers to fill the catch cups to the depth of 30mm – this is the amount we recommend for your lawn. 

Once you have your reading, adjust your irrigation controller to allow for a standard drink; (30mm) using the time taken to fill the cups. If you have more than a 10% variation between the cups you need to adjust your reticulation system (e.g. add more sprinkler heads)

**NB visit the water corporation website to apply for a watering exemption for your new lawn. New lawns require additional sprinker times on each day. 

Free Catch Cups

Thanks to the Water Corporation we are able to supply you with free catch cups to ensure your new lawn is receiving the correct amount of water and your watering time is allocated accordingly. For all orders over 30 square metres you will receive a complimentary set of catch cups to ensure your reticulation is working correctly.