Summer Lawn Care Tips


Well its almost here... Summer! Summer is the peak growing period for all of our lawn types and we thought it best to give you our top tips to having the best lawn on the street (without wasting your time, money or water!)

Regular deep watering is better for your lawn then frequent shallow watering. This type of watering allows the root system to properly establish, creating a more drought tolerant lawn - reducing your water bill over time. 

Low mowing, rather then leaving your mower at a higher setting will also benefit your lawn during extended dry periods - which lets face it, is most of Summer. A recent study at our very own University of Western Australia found that having a shorter leaf area allows less moisture to evaporate which in turn creates a more drought tolerant lawn. 

Make sure you apply a slow release fertiliser and soil wetter to give your lawn the added nutrient boost it requires. Remember, the healthier your lawn, the less susceptible it is to weeds and or disease which means your lawn will be able to withstand any long hot dry spells which are headed our way. 

Following these simple and easy tips you should be able to maintain that lush green lawn look throughout Summer providing you with that outdoor living environment we all love to enjoy. For more tips check out our previous blog posts or visit the Lawn Solutions Australia website