Benefits of turf.... you decide

The team at Lawn Solutions Australia have been doing some research and all of us here at Superior Lawns Australia want to spread the word. Turf has so many benefits and here's just a few of them, we want you to decide how you design your backyard!


Turfgrasses play a critical role in the general health and welfare of our communities. As a result of increasing urbanisation and deforestation they are becoming more and more important for human health.  Turf is not only a major source of beauty and comfort in our lives but also a cleansing answer to our environment.  Turf is usually the centrepiece of a garden and most people still regard a turfed yard as part of the Australian dream.  Turf can help turn a house into a home.  

It not only softens the look and increases the beauty of homes but can also dramatically increase its value too. Turf is the perfect environment for people of all ages.  Whether your usage is for; raising a family, walking the dog, having a BBQ, playing professional sport or just having a kick around with friends, there’s no better surface.  It reduces the incident of personal injuries through its cushioning ability and children in particular are much better protected when playing and falling on grass than any other surface. 

Environmental Benefits of Turf;

  • Air pollution control/air quality improvement
  • Oxygen generation
  • Dust prevention & stabilisation
  • Carbon sequestration & sinks
  • Water filtration and purification (phytoremediation)
  • Water run-off reduction
  • Rainwater harvesting & entrapment - groundwater recharge
  • Reduction in nutrient movement & loss
  • Erosion control
  • Soil improvement & restoration
  • Bioderadation of synthetic organic compounds (phytoremediation)
  • Alleviating heat island effects
  • Reduction in nutrient movement & loss
  • Erosion control Ÿ Soil improvement and restoration
  • Biodegradation of synthetic organic compounds (phytoremediation)
  • Alleviating heat island effect

Health Benefits of Turf;

Being close to turf it improves our quality of life: improving air quality and helps keep our cities and local environments clean and safe.  It’s an essential part of a city landscape. Turf’s aesthetic appeal improves our enjoyment of life. Research studies have found that when people live or work close to parks and gardens they are less susceptible to high blood pressure, stress and depression. Psychologically, the colour green makes us feel closer to nature by being beautiful, restful and relaxing. Lawns and parks provide oases of calm from the stress and trials of daily life.

Aesthetic / Economic Benefits of Turf;

Contributing to a strong economy the turf industry is huge and diverse, employing directly and indirectly over 400,000 people in farming, landscaping, maintenance, management and design, to name a few.  It’s an industry that all Australians benefit from. It is also a;

  • Low cost surfaces
  • Increased property value
  • Entertainment / Beauty
  • Community pride
  • Fire prevention
  • Complements the landscape
  • Glare reduction
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