Sir Walter DNA Certified Buffalo Lawn a proud sponsor of the Movember Foundation

LSA movember proud sponsor.jpg

Sir Walter DNA Certified (Australia’s favourite buffalo lawn) is turning twenty-years-old this month and Superior Lawns Australia is proud to be a part of the birthday celebrations.  

With over 70-million-square-metres sold nationally and nearly a million backyards now sporting a Sir Walter DNA Certified buffalo lawn, we think this achievement is well-worth making some noise about. Sir Walter DNA Certified was the first, real, nationally branded turfgrass that pretty much suited most of Australia’s harsh conditions and thrived in most home yard settings.

As part of the celebrations, Sir Walter DNA Certified will be announcing their partnership with the Movember Foundation for 2017 -2018. We know that good looking lawn and green spaces are well known for their mental health benefits and we know our Sir Walter DNA Certified lawn is a great partnership with the Movember foundation.  A great opportunity to convey this message and get women and in particular men active outside.

Whether it’s a BBQ with friends, backyard cricket, birthday or anniversary parties or even just the kids running around outside, Sir Walter DNA lawn gives you the ideal environment to maximise your outdoor living and help keep you in the right frame of mind. 

To celebrate the 20 years Superior Lawns Australia will be giving away “Loving your Lawn” books with every purchase of DNA Certified Sir Walter Buffalo lawn.

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