Help! My Lawn is Discoloured

It’s common for lawns to fluctuate in terms of colouration due to seasonal changes. Your lawn might be dark green one month and light the next. But when your lawn rapidly turns a yellow or brown colour, you know for sure something is wrong. 



A common cause of dry looking lawns is lack of water. This is the cause that should be assessed first and is the simplest to fix. To check if your lawn is dehydrated, take a spade and remove a small sample of your lawn, including soil. Your soil should be damp deep below the surface, with moisture extending all the way to the bottom of the grass’s roots. Do this in a green section and a discoloured section and compare the two.

Is the discolouration all over your lawn or just in one section? If a small section is affected, it’s probably because one sprinkler isn’t working. You should check them all for functionality. If the whole lawn is suffering, simply increase the amount of time you water for.


When you use herbicides on your lawn, be sure to read up on the effects it will have and make sure you are correctly matching the right herbicide for your grass type. Often discolouration will occur after herbicide use and disappear very quickly. Some products are supposed to colour your lawn yellow, brown or even black for up to two weeks after use, in order for the product to work. 

However, sensitive lawn types can react badly to some herbicides and may deteriorate rapidly. It’s important to know what is best for your lawn; something we at Superior Lawns can happily help you with.


When your lawn experiences adverse conditions unexpectedly it will react with shock. Stressful events that can detriment your lawn include, sudden hot conditions or a long period of heat with insufficient water. To cure your lawn following stress, simply increase watering in combination with an application of soil wetter. 

Your lawn is less likely to suffer from stress if it has a deep root system. You can achieve this by watering your lawn for long periods, less regularly.


When you apply fertilisers you must water them in immediately or the Nitrogen can burn your grass. If your lawn is discoloured from fertiliser burn it will recover with time.




If you’ve left your lawn for a long time without mowing it may be suffering due to lawn scalping. This means you have mowed your lawn into the thatch layer, which can shock the lawn. Simply begin mowing your lawn more regularly .  Be careful not to mow too low as we head into winter as lawn growth rates are slowing down at this time of year and any scalping will take a long time to recover.

Lawn Disease

Your lawn may be suffering from disease. Consult one of our specialists for assistance if you think this may be the case.



Finally, dogs urinating on the lawn can burn it. If you increase watering and pet care this problem will be reduced.