Superior Lawns Australia; an accredited Lawn Solutions Australia member

Superior Lawns is proud to be part of Lawn Solutions Australia.  This group is a collection of 40 plus of Australia best lawn producers who offer professional accredited product and services to all lawn users across the country.  You can be assured that you're local Lawn Solutions partner operates their business in sustainable manner ensuring you get the best experience possible when it comes to the most important space in your world.

Lawn Solutions Australia’s industry leading accreditation system gives you peace of mind that wherever you live, you receive the same high quality of advice, turf and customer service.  All our turf suppliers and their personnel go through the same rigorous training to meet our nationally endorsed standards.

Our unique 10 Year Lawn Warranty certifies that turf supplied by a Lawn Solutions Australia member has been grown and harvested to stringent standards, is free of weeds and disease on delivery, and will perform to its maximum potential in its new environment. All our growers and re-sellers are committed to this Warranty.

What does AusGAP mean for you?

AusGAP – The Australian Turf Accreditation Program – has been created for the countries leading turfgrass producers to provide you with the assurance that their turf adheres to a stringent set of quality standards. 
The AusGAP accreditation system provides assurance that the entire production, delivery and installation of your turf is undertaken to the highest industry standards. Purchasing your turf from an AusGAP certified producer gives you the peace of mind that your lawn adheres to a strict set of quality standards, ensuring your money is being spent on the best quality turf in the industry. 

What to look for when purchasing turf?

Choosing the right turf variety is an important decision. Make the right decision and you’ll have a beautiful and functional lawn for years to come, but the wrong choice can affect the look of your home and add unnecessary extra work! Before purchasing your turf be sure to do some research or ask an expert on the most suitable variety. Shade, temperature, usage and access to water are just a few variables that can greatly influence the variety of turf needed. Once you have selected the suitable variety, you then want to be sure the turf you are purchasing is of the highest quality, and is produced, sold and delivered to the highest industry standards. By purchasing your turf from an AusGAP certified producer you can be sure of this as they have undertaken in strict compliance measures to ensure this is the case.

The AusGAP 'peace of mind'

When you purchase turf from an AusGAP certified producer you can be sure you are purchasing turf from the best producers in the industry. AusGAP certified producers must adhere to a strict set of guidelines in
a variety of areas which include; 

✔ Turf is free of weeds, disease and pest damage
✔ Accurate turf knowledge and information provided at point of sale
✔ After sales care
✔ Environmental impact
✔ Work Health & Safety legislation
✔ Delivery methods
✔ Turf is genetically pure and true to type
✔ Appropriately trained and licensed employees 

Businesses cannot receive AusGAP certification unless high standards of the above are met. Every AusGAP certified business has had years of experience and knowledge working in the Australian turf industry. 
For more information about AusGAP certification or AusGAP certified turf producers please visit our website or call us on 1300 287 599