Superior Lawns provides beautiful, healthy and vibrant lawns to elevate your space to its full potential.

At Superior Lawns, we grow a range of different lawn varieties so you can find the perfect lawn for your area and budget. All our lawn varieties are sold per square metre so you can be certain you are receiving a superior product for a competitive price.



TifTuf is the lawn of the future; requiring on average 38% less water then other turf varieties it is s extremely drought tolerant. It is also extremely heat tolerant which means it can maintain a healthy green colour/growth throughout the heat of summer (with little water). TifTuf maintains it colour throughout winter is self repairing and has a high tolerance to shade. 

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Sir Walter (Dna certified) Buffalo

A beautiful soft leaf buffalo. Sir Walter DNA Certified® is uniquely Australian bred and developed to suit Australian conditions. Sir Walter is a dark emerald green lawn with a  soft leaf texture. Extremely shade tolerant and low maintenance. Sir Walter is a great family lawn luxurious under foot and non-irritant. Perfect for those shady spots. 

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A stunning, soft as velvet lawn variety its soft leaf surface exudes luxury on a green scale inviting family play time or a quiet walk barefoot.  Environmentally friendly it can be watered with recycled or even salty water.

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nullarbor couch

Tough and hard wearing, yet soft and fine, Nullarbor Couch is an emerald green couch. This variety outperforms in areas of high traffic and low water use.  Tough and hardy it will shine in even the most demanding family's back yard.

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Eureka Kikuyu

A proven performer in most Australian climates, Eureka Kikuyu Grass is a vigorous grower that stands up to a wide range of conditions. Good for both home lawns and larger spaces such as racecourses or parks.

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We can supply turf for all job types; from small courtyards to large public open spaces

A lush green lawn is a big part of what we call home and we deliver superior mature varieties instantly.  



From Mandurah to Alkimos, we've helped countless homeowners achieve a comfortable and livable space for their families of all shapes and sizes to enjoy. For more information on the perfect lawn for your needs please find our list of lawn varieties here.  



If you need your clients to achieve a superior outdoor experience, then Superior Lawns can help. 

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We have extensive experience in the supply and installation of lawn in many types of projects both large and small across the whole of Western Australia.